Courageous Citizen Journalist & Photographer under fire in Idlib – like Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy rolled into one – paints a terrible picture of civilians slaughter

FARED or @FARED60350386 on Twitter is a young citizen journalist and photographer in Idlib who hour by hour has been fearlessly reporting on the relentless attacks on civilians and where children in particular are paying a terrible price. He asks “why has the world abandoned us” and where is our commitment to “human rights and children’s rights?” His reports on Twitter make him a compelling witness to warcrimes and crimes against humanity and a shocking reminder of our abysmal failure to stop mind numbing slaughter in a area of Syria where three million civilians including one million children are at grave risk if these relentless and merciless attacks continue by the Assad regime.

It is hard not to see the attacks on Idlib right now as a naked campaign against civilians with so many images of dead and wounded children. This slaughter underlines there is absolutely no respect for human rights or the rights of children and no attempt to stop these latest egregious attacks by the Syrian regime backed by Russia and Iran they will continue without an urgent demand by the international community that they stop the body count will continue to mount.

FARED tweets vividly tell the story of civilians under extreme fire as the world appears to have turned its back. Day after day children women and men are killed as the Assad regime break the cease fire and maintain withering fire on defenceless people whose only crime is to have fled to Idlib from other other parts of Syria to escape regime savagery.

What is remarkable about FARED reports is that he is continuing to maintain them as only recently a rocket landed only fifty metres from where he was taking shelter in the midst of an attack. But what is really shocking is the nature of his eye witness testimony of what is being done to civilians by Assad with no international media focus on Idlib.

FARED is almost like war correspondent Marie Colvin and her working partner photojournalist Paul Conroy rolled into one. Many people will be familiar with their extraordinarily courageous work in Homs where under relentless bombing by Assad they continued to report and she paid her life and Paul was critically wounded. FARED much younger but with equal courage is now under similar fire in Idlib already narrowly escaping death.

One citizen journalist working alone under fire using Twitter as his only outlet is up against it trying to alert the world to the slaughter of civilians in Idlib. We can help him by asking our national and international media to join him in reporting on the plight of his fellow Syrians – children, women and men – who are killed and wounded now around the clock because they peacefully protested against the Assad regime in the Syrian uprising in 2011 and are still paying a very heavy price.


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