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Holocaust Survivor’s Moving Condemnation of Israel’s Treatment of the Palestinians

Ronan L Tynan As I recoiled with shock and revulsion at the indiscriminate murder of civilians especially women and children in Gaza, no where more so than in its poorest and most densely populated neighborhood of Shejayia where bodies were … Continue reading

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Truth First Casualty in War But Comedian Jon Stewart Brilliantly Burst the Illusion of Media Impartiality on Gaza

  Ronan L Tynan The apparent media bias in the coverage of Israel’s murderous attack on Gaza was brilliantly exposed by comedian Jon Stewart recently. Simply by lampooning the absurd way in which many networks try to present this egregious … Continue reading

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“You cannot use the murder of my grandmother by the Nazis as cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza” – Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

Ronan L. Tynan The continuing murder of civilians in Gaza makes it very clear that most of Israel’s political elite, and especially Prime Minister Netanyahu, feel confident they can commit warcrimes against the Palestinians with impunity, because regardless of any … Continue reading

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